About Us

Blevins Weatherization supplies a wide range of products for insulation, energy efficiency and other weatherization needs.  Our many years of experience in working with contractors and weatherization agencies who service needs for affordable housing allows us to offer a unique advantage.

Blevins Weatherization is a part of Blevins, Inc, the oldest and largest distributor of aftermarket products for the manufactured housing industry.  Based in Nashville, TN, Blevins, Inc. is a family owned business now in its second generation of leadership.  The company began in 1957 as a single location and has spread to 13 wholesale supply locations across the eastern half of the United States.  A sister company, Home Pride, operates two manufacturing plants which are involved in steel fabrication, fiberglass products and wood processing.

Blevins Weatherization strives to provide its customers with not only excellent products but also exceptional customer service.  Many of our employees have worked for the company for decades, allowing them to obtain a full grasp of our product lines and services.  Our key goal as a company is to develop relationships with our customers and help them fulfill their missions in the most efficient and productive manner possible.  To learn more about our commitment to quality and service, click here.

We encourage you to learn more about our parent company at www.blevinsinc.com